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1962 advert for a $4.98 Alfred E. Neuman rubber mask.


Detail from Phillips Gramophone Ad, 1960


The Invisible Man [H.G. Wells]; Dell Publications, Nd.

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Heil To the Republic! - 1942. ‘Southington, Connecticut. Schoolchildren pledging allegiance to the flag.’ Photo by Fenno Jacobs for the Office of War Information.


dabbling with satan in stylish pantsuits. 

Wassermann from ‘Prinzessin und Wassermann,’ 1913 - Marionette created by Richard Teschner

Fantasticly strange marionettes created by Richard Teschner - 1913, Vienna

Parisian Gals - French photographer Andre Zucca with rare Agfacolor film from between 1930s and 1940s.